Industries Serviced by BlackStorm


Who Uses BlackStorm CSF?

Organizations face multiple challenges associated with safeguarding their intellectual assets. Pressures emanating from competition, government legislation, regulations, accidents, and rogue employees, make it difficult for organizations to focus on their primary goals. For years, organizations have been using our services to augment their capabilities in a seamless manner.

Legal Professionals - Including Civil, Corporate and Matrimonial cases.

Private Investigators - We are licensed Private Investigators however, our work is limited to cyber security and forensic investigations. We work very closely with and for other private investigation firms.

Corporations - We have done forensic and intrusion investigations for companies ranging from small privately owned companies, to very large Fortune 500 corporations. In the financial sector we have worked for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and private equity groups.

Government Agencies - We have been hired by several police departments and district attorney’s offices to assist with challenging forensic cases.

* BlackStorm does not accept criminal defense cases